CD-RWs are available in 1X-4X and "High Speed". They are configured
in a 5 and 10 pack traditional 10mm jewelcase, 10 pack 5mm slimcase
and a 20 or 50 pack cakebox. Other configurations are available,
please contact us for information.

*Our High Speed CD-RWs are specifically made for and compatible with CD-RW recorders bearing the "High Speed" logo. This media can be read on all standard CD-R/RW drives, as well as Multi-read drives such as CD-ROM and DVD-ROM.

Write and write again with Nashua Media Products CD-RW media. Our CD-RWs can be rewritten up to 1,000 times, with reliable burning every time.

Our CD-RWs feature a "Phase Change Alloy" recording layer that is the most compatible alloy for CD-RW recorders and players. Choose from our standard and most compatible 1X-4X speed discs, or for added speed try our *High Speed discs. Nashua brand CD-RW discs are rewritable for temporary storage, data back-ups, archiving, downloads, you name it!

Used for any kind of data whether it's text, video, audio or multimedia, our discs are backed by our 100% performance quality guarantee, so your data will always be safe.

A• Intended for computer based recorders
A• Temporary or permanent data storage
A• Rewritable up to 1,000 times
A• Store photos, presentations and music
A• Perfect for database back-up and archiving
A• 1X-4X speed
A• High Speed available (currently 4X-16X)
A• 700 Megabytes / 80 Minutes