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High Speed CD-RW (4-16X)

Nashua Media Products 4X-16X
High Speed CD-RW media are only compatible for recording with the latest CD-RW drives which bear a High-Speed Logo. 4X-16X media can be used for playback in existing 2X/4X CD-RW drives and Multi-read CD-ROM drives.

Digital Audio Media
Nashua Media Products Digital Audio media, and DA CDs in general are sometimes confusing as to their niche in the recordable media family and speed.

Home audio recorders record or "dub" at a much slower speed than computer based CD-R devices. Generally, these speeds are between 2X-4X (whereas today's CD-R recorders are at 52X). Even superb quality players from Harmon Kardon and Onkyo, to Sony, Philips, and Kenwood only record at 2X-4X. Presently because of this, Digital Audio media is manufactured at 8X-16X. If you were to use the DA media in a computer based recorder, you're maximum recording speed would be limited to 16X.

Take this information into account when deciding whether to purchase digital audio or standard CD-Rs for making audio CDs.

DVD Recordable Media and Hardware
Nashua Media Products DVD media are compatible for recording with the latest DVD drives. Read and write compatibility is completely dependent upon hardware, software and manufacturer. The charts below reference DVD media and hardware.

For a full explanation of the DVD formats, click here.

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DVD Recorder Compatibility Chart (258KB PDF)
This chart only lists the types of recorders that will read and/or write to a specific DVD format. This chart does not list which brand recorder can record.

DVD-R/+R Recorder Compatibility Chart (104KB PDF)
This chart lists (brand) players that have been specifically tested for playability for the 4.7GB DVD-R/+R. If your player is not on the list, that does not mean it is not compatible, only that it has not been tested it yet. This list is updated regularly, so check back if you don’t see your particular model here.

DVD+R and DVD+RW media can ONLY be recorded in:
Sony, Philips, Hewlett-Packard, and Ricoh DVD recorders. Currently, this media is playback compatible with approximately 70% of today's DVD-ROM drives and DVD video players.

DVD-R and DVD-RW media can ONLY be recorded in:
Pioneer, Toshiba, and Panasonic DVD recorders. Currently, this media is approximately 90% playback compatible with today's DVD-ROM and DVD video players. Keep in mind that the above formats are currently not compatible with each other.

We suggest checking with your hardware manufacturer for updates in firmware.