Data CD-Rs are available in a traditional 10mm jewelcase, and space saving 5mm slim jewelcases. Also available in 25, 50 or 100 pack cakebox.
Other configurations are available, please contact us for information.
• Intended for computer based recorders
• Write-once, permanent data storage
• Store photos, data, music, presentations and more
• Perfect for data back-up and archiving
• 700 Megabytes / 80 Minutes
• Currently 1-52X Speed

Don't let the term fool you. Nashua Media Products "Data"
CD-Rs can record a vast array of media files, leaving you with
the options to burn all of today's formats.

CD-Rs are still the most used recordable media because the
recording devices and media are very affordable. Plus, you have many options regarding what your requirements are. Organize your digital photo library, catalog your MP3 collection, share presentations and video, and back-up your system files.
Our CD-Rs are fast, reliable, safe, and permanent storage for
all your files.

So, with our full range Data CD-Rs you can definitely get all the flavors, not just plain vanilla.