* Home recorders must have the "Digital Home Audio" logo.

** Home audio recorders record or "dub" at a much slower speed than computer based CD-R/CD-RW devices. Generally, these speeds are between 2X-4X. Even superb quality players from Harmon Kardon and Onkyo, to Sony, Philips, and Kenwood only record at 2X-4X. Presently because of this, Digital Audio media is manufactured at 8X-16X. If you were to use the DA media in a computer based recorder, you're maximum recording speed would currently be limited to 16X.
Digital Audio is available in a traditional 10mm jewelcase, and space saving 5mm slim jewelcase. Also available in a 50 pack cakebox. Other configurations are available, please contact us for information.
• Intended for digital home audio recorders
• Write-once, permanent music storage
• Compatible with all CD players and recorders
• Perfect for music mixes
• 700 Megabytes / 80 Minutes

Digital Audio CD-Rs are the best choice for music lovers who
demand their sounds be of the purest digital form, free from
hiss and noise.

Nashua Media Products Digital Audio CD-Rs are primarily intended for use in home audio recorders bearing the "Compact Digital Audio Recordable" logo
**. With this recording equipment, you will achieve optimum results; however, but you can also rip your music in any computer based recorder with these Digital Audio CD-Rs. When your mix is done, pop it in any CD player and enjoy.