• Intended for 3.5" Floppy Disk computer based recorders
and digital cameras such as the *Sony Floppy Mavica®
using floppy as storage
• Rewritable temporary data storage
• Transfer data files from PC to PC
• Choose from IBM Unformatted, Formatted or Macintosh Formatted
• Double Sided / High Density and Double Sided / Double Density
• 2 Megabytes Unformatted / 1.44 Megabytes Formatted
diskette group
Diskettes are available in IBM Unformatted 2.0MB,
IBM Formatted 1.44MB, and Macintosh Formatted
1.44MB 10 Packs.
* Mavica® is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

Nashua Media Products Diskettes are a great choice for inexpensive,
reliable storage and data transfer from computer to computer.

Our Floppy Diskettes are double sided/high density manufactured to withstand the constant demand of reading and writing everyday files. Our specially made shutter reduces the risk of data error, and comes with our 100% lifetime