DVD-R for General Use is available in jewelcase, and a professional Video Case to fit in your library.
DVD-R Authoring is available in a traditional 10mm jewelcase. Also available in 10, 25 and 50 pack cakebox.
• Intended for computer and set top video based recorders
• Write-once permanent data storage
• Store video, audio, photos, data and multimedia
• Authoring DVD is an ideal storage media choice for professional
developers looking to pre-master DVD video and short run
• General Use can be used for saving up to 2 hours of
home movies and can be played back in most consumer home
DVD players2.
• Both types of media can be read by DVD ROM drives
• 4.7 Gigabytes / 120 Minutes
1 DVD Authoring recorder and software needed
2 DVD data recording and movie software needed to record using this disc,
aiand to be played in home DVD players

When you have too much media to store and a CD just won't do.
Hello DVD-R. This digital warehouse has 7 times the capacity
of a CD-R.

There are two write-once DVD-R formats, and it's important to
know which is right for you. DVD-R for Authoring is designed to
meet the strict demands of professional content developers and
software producers
1. This is great for short run duplication and
pre-mastering digital video. DVD-R for General Use is exactly that,
ideal for consumer's everyday data, music, archiving and one time
video recording. General DVD-R discs can be played in most home
DVD players, so you can preserve special moments digitally and
share them with everyone.

Whether you need professional or consumer based media, Nashua Media Products DVD-Rs can always make you look like a pro.

Unsure if this DVD will work in your drive? See our DVD FAQ and Compatibility Page for more information.