DVD-RAM is available in single sided
(Type II) 2.6GB and 4.7GB cartridges,
and double sided (Type I) 5.2GB and
9.4GB cartridges.

• Intended for computer based recorders
• Rewritable temporary storage up to 100,000 times
• Ideal for data intensive recording
• Data accessed same manner as a hard drive
• Drag and drop capability
• 100 year archival life
• Single sided or double sided discs
• 2.6GB / 4.7GB / 5.2GB / 9.4GB

Searching for the reliability and versatility of a hard disk in a
removable form? DVD-RAM is where you stop looking.

DVD-RAM (Random Access Memory) is rewritable DVD media that
is approved by the DVD Forum using phase change technology.
This means widespread compatibility with today's DVD-RAM and
"caddy type" DVD ROM drives. Your data can be accessed fast
like a hard drive with drag and drop ability.

Used for any kind of data whether it's text, video, audio or
multimedia, our discs can be overwritten 100,000 times
accurately and fast.

Unsure if this DVD will work in your drive? See our
DVD FAQ and Compatibility Page for more information.