• Intended for computer and set top video based recorders1
• Rewritable temporary storage up to 1,000 times
• Ideal for real-time video and random data recording
• Ability to store a combination of digital video and audio
on the same disc
• Utilizes CAV (video) and CLV (data) recording
• Ability to record 2 hours of video
• Compatible with existing DVD-ROM drives and players
• 4.7 Gigabytes / 120 Minutes
DVD+RW is available in a 10mm jewelcase,
and a professional Video Case to fit your library.
Also available in 10, 25 and 50 pack cakebox. Other configurations are available, please contact us for information.
1 DVD recorder needs to have the DVD+RW logo to use this disc

What's better than a DVD that holds 4.7GB? One that is rewritable
up to 1000 times and cross compatible with nearly all DVD players.

DVD+RW is the rewritable format of the DVD+RW Alliance.
It's designed to use CAV (video) and CLV (data) recording methods
which enables developers and consumers to combine digital video
and data on the same disk, which is required for multimedia systems.

The 4.7GB storage capacity and wide compatibility with DVD Video
and DVD ROM drives lets you store up to 2 hours of MPEG2 DVD
quality video.

Unsure if this DVD will work in your drive? See our DVD FAQ and Compatibility Page for more information.