• Intended for computer based recorders and CD-R style digital cameras like the *Sony Mavica®
• Write-once, permanent data storage
• Fits in all standard CD-ROM equipped computers, and tray
style CD players
• Store photos, data, video, music and corporate presentations
• Perfect for personal CD/MP3 players
• 185 Megabytes / 21 Minutes
• Currently 1-40X Speed
* Mavica® is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
Mini CD-Rs are available in single, 5 or 10 Pack mini slim jewelcase, and a space saving 10 pack cakebox. Also available in 100 pack bulk. Other configurations are available, please contact us for information.

What happens when you only need to burn a small amount of data?
Use the power and storage of a 185MB space saving CD-R.

Nashua Media Products Mini CD-Rs are perfect for small burns of data, mpgs,
music or whatever you want. You can store up to three hours of MP3 quality music, and 21 minutes of uncompressed audio.

Fits in all tray style CD players and recorders, and they work
flawlessly in any CD-R style digital camera such as the
Sony Mavica®.