• Intended for computer based recorders
• Write-once, permanent data storage
• Neon CDs come in 5 cool colors with matching cases
• Neon and Onyx discs may be colored on both sides
• Store photos, data and music
• Perfect for coding back-ups by color
• 700 Megabytes / 80 Minutes
• Currently 1-48X Speed
Our Neon CD-Rs come in blue, orange, purple, red and black.
Neon is available in a 10 pack 5mm space saving slimcase. Black Onyx is available in a 10 pack 5mm slimcase, as well as in a 20 and 50 pack cakebox.
Other configurations are available, please contact us for information.

Sometimes you need to bring a little color into your life. Why settle for a little when you can get a lot of color with Nashua Media Products multi-color Neon and Black Onyx CD-Rs!

Our Neon CD-Rs are standard recordable discs covered in a burst of five vibrant, different colors. The Black Onyx discs are the same high quality discs except they possess a rich, deep black color. Your computer just got a taste of what's cool.

Used for any kind of data whether it's text, video, audio or multimedia, our Neon and Onyx discs are great for organizing your files by color.