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Bulk Generic CD-Rs are available
in 50 Pack spindle, and the Nashua Media Products CD-Rs in 100 pack cakebox.
Inkjet printable CD-Rs are available
in 10 Pack regular jewelcase.
Business Card CD-Rs are available
in 100 Pack Bulk.

5.25" Diskettes are available
in 10 Pack.

Occasionally Nashua Media Products carries special order items or products that
are discontinued. Think of them as the "black sheep" of the family;
not always understood but somebody always likes them.

If you would like to know an item's availability, please check our online distributor
Soundtract at www.soundtract.com or e-mail us.

Business Card CD-R | Inkjet CD-R | Bulk CD-R | 5.25" Diskettes
Last updated March 21, 2009

Business Card CD-Rs
These credit card sized recordable CD-Rs are the not too distant cousin of the
Mini CD-R. They hold 50MB of data or 5.5 minutes of uncompressed audio and are perfect for handout business multimedia presentations.

A• Intended for computer based recorders
A• Write-once, permanent data storage
A• Fits in center of all standard CD-ROM equipped computers
A• Store photos, data, video, music and presentations
A• 50 Megabytes / 5 Minutes

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Inkjet Printable CD-Rs
Same grade-A quality as our other discs, but with a special white top surface finish formulated to let you print directly onto the disc with your inkjet CD printer
without smearing or bleeding.

A• Intended for computer based recorders
A• White, smudge resistant coating
A• Write-once, permanent data storage
A• Compatible with all cd inkjet printers
A• 700 Megabytes / 80 Minutes
A• 40X speed

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Bulk Generic CD-Rs
Grade-A quality discs, but unbranded. Perfect for labeling systems because the disc is unmarked, so nothing shows through your label. Originally designed for major duplicators.

Private Label*
Grade-A quality discs, but branded with your logo.

A• Intended for computer based recorders
A• Write-once, permanent data storage
A• Compatible with all computer recorders
A• 700 Megabytes / 80 Minutes
A• 24X speed - 50 Pack Generic
A• 52X speed - private label

* Minimum order quantity applies (Please call)

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IBM 5.25" MD2HD Diskettes
IBM 5.25" MD2DD Diskettes
These Nashua™ brand diskettes are great for backing up and transferring files conveniently into 5 1/4" floppy drives.

A• Intended for 5.25" Floppy Disk computer based recorders
A• Rewritable temporary data storage
A• Transfer data files from PC to PC
A• MD2HD - Double Sided / High Density
A• 1.6 Megabytes Unformatted / 1.2 Megabytes Formatted
A• MD2DD - Double Sided / Double Density

A• 500 Kilobytes Unformatted / 360 Kilobytes Formatted

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