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Unfortunately, there are many factors that can affect the CD-R's ability to record.
Many of these factors are beyond our control; some of the most common are as follows:

1. Compatibility with writer and/or firmware in the writer.
There are numerous writers on the market. The intensity of the laser, the recording speed and "firmware" configuration of the writer (which looks at things such as width between the "pits & lans", reflectivity, etc.), can all affect the recording capability. Software and firmware are the reason many writers do not recognize a CD/DVD. We recommend that you contact your writer manufacturer; you may need to download a later version of software.

2. Storage conditions. The recording layer is extremely sensitive to sunlight and heat. If the CD has been subjected to adverse conditions during shipping, the dye may have been adversely affected. This will negatively impact the CD-R's ability to record properly.

3. Dust on laser lens. This can accumulate over time and cause the laser power to change, thus affecting the recordability. The same is true for the player.

4. Home Digital Audio Recorders. Home Digital Audio Recorders will recognize CD-Rs ONLY made specifically for recording on such equipment. As such, a CD-R specifically marked for use with home Digital Audio recorders may only be used. Standard CD-Rs made for recording on computers will not work. Additionally, a home recorded music CD-R will never be as "forgiving" as an original. As such, some CD players may not recognize these home recorded CD-Rs, additionally, car stereos may have difficulty recognizing the entire content if these home recorded CD-Rs, or may not recognize them at all. This is especially true of older players. This is not a quality issue, and not a function of the media, it is a function of the laser and firmware incorporated in the player.

5. Missing sectors at the outer 25% of the CD-R. This is possible if the dye is not spread evenly. This would be classified as a quality issue, but does happen on rare instances.

If you have a defective product, please go to the Returns Page for information.